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Katie Breen & Wayne Blodwell — Minted
Wedding Week is Here!
Wishing everyone safe travels...we are so excited to see you this weekend!

Katie Breen


Wayne Blodwell


Dress Code - Black Tie Optional

Gents - Tuxedos or Dark Suits please!

Ladies - It's Christmas. Get Festive (but please do not wear red!)


If you are traveling with your children to New York City, we would be happy to introduce you to a trusted nanny or babysitter from our close group of family friends here in Hoboken. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accomodate children at the wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday night.

Things To Do

We have deliberately allowed for some down time during the wedding weekend so that everyone can explore and enjoy themselves. Please check out the 'Christmas In New York!' page for our top recommendations.

Additional Questions

Please feel free to email us at if you have any additional questions or message us directly with any questions!