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Katie Breen & Wayne Blodwell — Minted
Wedding Week is Here!
Wishing everyone safe travels...we are so excited to see you this weekend!

Katie Breen


Wayne Blodwell

Travel & Accomodation

W Hoboken

This is the wedding venue! The wedding, reception and after party(!) will all take place here.

The window to use our wedding block has passed, so we recommend trying the Sheraton, below!

Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel

At the Northern end of Hoboken, the Sheraton is another great option. The NYWATERWAY ferry comes right to your door here, and you will be in midtown Manhattan in 10 minutes! Shuttles at the ferry station will take you to Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Hudson Yards, or Central Park... with lots to see for Christmas!

The hotel is a 10 minute Uber to the W (wedding venue), or a really beautiful 25 minnute walk down the Hudson. 

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Newark Airport vs. JFK

Newark Airport (EWR) is very close to Hoboken, so would be your best option for flights. Depending on the time of day, Newark is about a 25-30 minute uber/taxi to Hoboken.

JFK is on the other side of Manhattan. Depending on the time of day, JFK is a 60-90 minute uber/taxi to Hoboken.

Getting Around

Hoboken is famous for being super walkable, and with really easy and quick access to Manhattan.

UBER: easy and plentiful to get around Hoboken, or back from NYC at night.

NY WATERWAY FERRY: access from the Northern end of Hoboken or the Sheraton Hotel, takes you to midtwon, with shuttles available to Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Hudston Yards and Macy's (34th Street!) Ferry runs every 20 minutes and is a five minute uber, or 20 minute walk from the W.

PATH TRAIN: Access from the southern end of Hoboken, two blocks from the W hotel. 10 minutes to West Village, 20 minutes to midtown (34th Street) Trains run every 10-15 minutes!

BUS via NJ TRANSIT is also an option, which is 20-30 minutes into Port Authority. (but is not our favorite option!)