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Katie Breen & Wayne Blodwell — Minted
Wedding Week is Here!
Wishing everyone safe travels...we are so excited to see you this weekend!

Katie Breen


Wayne Blodwell

Katie Breen and Wayne Blodwell

Please join us to celebrate our wedding!


Our story starts in January of 2020. Wayne moved to New York City to grow his digital advertising consultancy business, and quickly realized that he needed to build a social circle (he also wanted to test his accent out on the American ladies...) Katie had just moved back to New York after five years in California and was excited to rebuild her social life in New York City.

We matched on Hinge, and within 6 days of being in a new country, Wayne had his first date in America, and Katie liked his accent. We have been together ever since!

There have been some highs and lows along the way (hey - there was a small global pandemic and Wayne's visa submissions to deal with!) but we now live together in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Our story is really about being open - open to new experiences and open to meeting new people. Our big day will be a blend of America and Britain, so we're hoping you'll be open to a new experience and join us on our special day.

Christmas in New York is really special, so we hope that you can also take lots of time to enjoy New York City at its best!

Everything you need is on this website ( so please use it as your guide before, during and after the wedding!